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The answer is love.

How I Conquered Cancer Series

I want to share with you lessons I've learned  going through my journey. How I dealt with this disease that kills many. How cancer gave me a 2nd chance to a better life!
Listen to other survivors too on how they conquered cancer! You never know whose story can help you.


Learn to Meditate 
Meditation helped me get through a tough phase of my life and I wish I had learnt to do it earlier in my life. I want to help you learn to meditate and see how it bring you closer to yourself. Sign-up today and learn from the comfort of your home or attend one my classes.
Meditation Space
Everyone should have a meditation space. A space that allows you to quieten your mind and clean your thoughts. When I was going through my journey I really wanted a meditation space, a  space that would make me feel at peace and  make  me happy. This  is something I would love to help you do.


Curavi Organics

After going through chemotherapy, tons of surgery and now being on hormone blockers my body just isn't the same. Joint pain, anxiety and low energy were just a few things I was suffering from. I was so happy to have found pure CBD and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. Curavi, that means to heal gives us the power to make the choices that are best for our body.

Motivational Speaking

Are you looking for some positivity through your cancer journey? Are the treatments, hair loss, breast loss and the unknown putting you down? Just remember you are not the first one to feel this way! Reach out to me and I will love to share with you how I changed my mindset.
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