My Story

My spiritual journey to discovering my purpose.

Cancer was just a small part of my journey!

When I found out I had breast cancer, I knew then, that this was a certification I had to go through

to live my true  purpose. I truly believe I was being prepared for this day, because the moment I

got the news, the only thing I was certain  about was next year this time, it will all be over! I kept a positive

attitude   through my whole journey, because  I could clearly see my destination,

I just had to take a detour to get there!

I knew I can only do what I have control over, and trust that the rest would just have to work out.

My positivity gave my family the strength they needed to be by my side.

This was my fight and I was ready to win!

It all began when I asked myself "what is my purpose in life"? I felt I was wasting my life and not

living  the life I am supposed to. A strong voice within me kept saying you are not doing enough. Through

meditation,  I was able to learn about myself and quickly realized, I was standing in my own way. Anger, stress,

unhappiness were among some of the things blocking me from transforming. Through meditation I was able

to figure out what part of me  needed healing.

I truly believe we bring diseases onto ourselves. Yes, the environment we live in today is probably not the safest, cleanest or purest and it definitely plays a role but there is more to it. Just like Louis Hayes said every part of our body that aches or is in distress, it is a warning that something is not right within.

Through my meditation practice I realized I was carrying baggage from my childhood and all those instances in my life that made me feel  like  I  was not good enough. All that animosity, and the fight to change was just causing my inner soul pain. I was able to forgive myself, ask for  forgiveness and let go of what did not serve me any longer. 


Going through chemotherapy was the worst part of it all. But every time I felt like I couldn't do this, I

reminded myself that there is something better waiting for me after this. I knew there was a lesson to

be learned  through this suffering. Cancer came into my life to teach me, I was enough!  It taught me to  stop fighting with myself!  It taught me to accept myself and most of all it taught me to LOVE myself.  Love was missing, love for myself got lost along the way. The minute I understood that and realized  that, life became beautiful. 

With love, 
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© 2019 by Priya Kalra.