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Thank you for taking time out for yourself and beginning your journey to self-love!


Initial Ayurvedic health consultation        

We will go over your Dosha's and you'll learn what & how to eat best suited for your constitution.

1 -hour


5 day Kitchari Cleanse

Are you ready to feel better, naturally? Here is a powerful 5-day Ayurvedic cleanse for detoxification and rejuvenation.

This simple cleanse plan will be emailed to you & you can easily cook this at home to get a good reboot to your system.


Dosha specific Meditation

Every dosha type has a specific meditation they should do to balance their inner being. 

You will come away with which meditation you should do and at what times of the day.


Dosha specific Yoga poses

Every dosha type has specific yoga asanas that they can do to balance their inner being. 

You will come away with which asanas are best suited for your consitution.


Full Package

You will better understand your unique constitutional makeup, and ways to uncover your true state of health. You’ll come away with recommendations on detox (Kitchari cleanse), what and how to eat, daily routine, Ayurvedic herbs and treatments, aromatherapy, meditation, mantras, Yoga asana and so much more.

This is a true holistic practice that can help you find greater balance in every aspect of your life. Included is a free follow up consult.


Follow Up Consultations


Meditation Space

Learn to Meditate


This is for beginners who want to learn how to meditate and learn  the basics of meditation

If you are looking to create a meditation space for yourself and don't know where to start.

I can help!



If you are like me and love your sweets but avoiding sugar, try my Ruffles.


RAW | GLUTEN-FREE | VEGAN and only sweetened using Maple Syrup and or Dates.

What if I fall?

........Oh darling BUT what if you fly?

Are you ready to love your self ?


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