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my journey!

My journey to self love

It all began when I asked myself "What is my purpose in life"? The feeling of not living my life the way I am supposed to, gave me a sense of being incomplete. I set out on a soul-searching journey & through it, I learned very quickly, how I was the one standing in my way. Anger, stress, and unhappiness were among some of the things holding me from transforming.  Just like Louis Hayes said, " Every part of our body that aches or is in distress, is a warning that something is not right within".

I realized I was carrying baggage from my childhood that no longer served me, and holding onto it was just causing my inner soul pain. 

Hearing the words, " You have cancer"! through my journey, never came as a shock. I knew then, that this was a certification I had to go through to be my true self. With so much uncertainty, the only thing I was certain about was next year this time, life will be better!  Keeping a positive attitude throughout my journey & keeping an eye on my destination, was the only way forward and I knew I just had to take a detour to get there! After all, I could only do what I had control over, and trust that the rest would just have to work out. 

This was my fight and I was ready to win!


Going through chemotherapy was the worst part of it all. But every time I felt like I couldn't do this, I reminded myself "There is something better waiting for me after this". I knew there was a lesson to be learned through this suffering. Cancer came into my life to teach me, I was enough!  It taught me to stop fighting with myself! It taught me to accept myself and most of all it taught me to LOVE myself.  Love was missing, love for myself got lost along the way.   


The minute I understood and realized that I started living my life with purpose. 

Now I am on a mission to help cancer survivors get their health back after chemo/radiation treatments through ZenYa.And help survivors tell their stories, with the hope of inspiring others who may be going through something similar through my Conquering Cancer & Beyond Platform.


accept what is,

let go of what was,

trust what is to come.

Priya Kalra

happens fora REASON.                

my mantra


Hello beautiful people!

I'm Priya.

I was 5 when my parents decided to move from India to Zambia-Africa. After completing my BSc (Hons) in Management of Information Systems at the University of Greenwich in London-UK, I got married and moved to sunny Arizona, USA. Now, we are living in the gorgeous paradise of Cape Town, South AFrica.

Having lived, shared, and embraced all these different cultures in my life, I have learned the only thing that is really needed is Love, but most importantly self-love! I am now on a simple mission to teach you how to love yourself through Meditation practices that help us return to our natural state of health.


​Besides that, I love to travel, cook, and bake and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.


I am very fortunate to have completed the Inner Engineering Course by Sadhguru and the

Perfect Health Ayurveda training from the Chopra Center.

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