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ZenYa - Zen by Priya was started so I could help survivors like me, get their health back to "normal" after all the chemo or radiation treatments and surgeries that their body goes through.


The authentic teachings of Ayurveda helped me feel my best self through mindful eating, meditation and Yoga while raising consciousness, and allowing for self-love to flow with ease and grace.

Whether you are a cancer survivor or not, I invite you to imagine & experience true health and find a connection to something greater than yourself and enjoy all that life has to offer.

For more than 5,000 years, practitioners of Ayurveda and Yoga have shared tools to naturally prevent and heal illness, relieve pain and soothe a troubled mind. These sciences, especially when practiced together, invite profound transformation. I am honored to share the gifts of Meditation through consultations.


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You can
experience   true 

Mind, Body & Spirit

A person’s first experience with Ayurveda begins by taking a dosha quiz. The results  include what your *constitution is and lists foods and activities that are unique to your dosha type. 

The most powerful lesson this ancient science shares is how to align ourselves to the rhythm of nature. Nature fluctuates by the day and the season, and our bodies and minds follow that pattern.  

Changes come with the seasons and age, but understanding your state of balance is a daily practice that offers great empowerment and insight that is unique to you, helping you to live your best life!

*Ayurveda believes we all constitute of different combinations of five elements earth, water, fire, air and ethers (knows as doshas). The particular combination of doshas that make up who you are, is as unique as your fingerprints. Understanding how the doshas work within you is what Ayurveda helps you with.


Ayurveda is a sanskrit term, made up of two words "ayu" which means life and "veda" which means science,

translating to 

Science of Life

A gift for you with love

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Ayurveda For Immunity

Quinoa Salad

A Balanced Bowl Recipe

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If you are like me and love your sweets but are avoiding sugar, try my Ruffles.

Only sweetened using Maple Syrup and or Dates. Made with nuts and a lot of goodness.


The Mang-shew Ruffle s an ayurvedic inspired energy ball that is

packed with flavor and goodness.


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