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Positivity through a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

As I sit here and think about the last couple of weeks, I think about my mantra “Everything happens for a reason”. My thoughts on this epidemic are nothing different from you all. I have been very low on energy the last few weeks leading into light depression and I kept going back and forth with myself on how I should practice what I preach and not let the outside atmosphere disturb my inner peace. It has been hard and quite frankly I am still struggling, trying to find something I can blame this on other than myself. Through my meditation practice, I am able to keep grounded and focus on what’s important.

This is not my fight alone, we as humans are in this together and we as citizens of this earth have to do what is right for us, our family, our loved ones and everyone else on this planet. This is a good time to spend time with yourself and create the peace, that you’ve been looking for. Have you not felt like life was go, go, go? You never had enough time to do the things you really wanted? We were all in this race to get somewhere without knowing what we will have to face along the way. Maybe this is the response from the universe for us to slow down and really think about things that truly matter. The world needed this to reset and remind us that as humans, we are forgetting our main duty-to love yourself and in turn love each other. So through this isolation phase, let’s focus on detoxifying our mind, body, and soul and search inwards to find the self-love that has been missing.

We have been gifted the time of TIME, to stop and rethink about our future. We have the biggest gift to spend time with our loved ones and do the things we never get the time to do. We have been given the gift of putting life into perspective by starting from the basics like washing your hands mindfully.

Just like people come in our lives to lead us to our path, let’s look at this situation as one to lead us all to the change that the planet needs. Let’s put our energy towards the positives like the air around the world being cleaner, weren’t we always talking about pollution? Fewer pollutants entering the sea while luxury cruise ships are at a halt. Our streets are not crowded, and we are looking at local solutions for our basic needs.

Families lets spend more time together, eat together, cook together and talk about things that you never get a chance to talk about. Let’s all take deep breaths and give each other the gift of time that we so hardly find these days.

As for me, I am looking on the brighter side and trying very hard not to let the negativity affect me. I am very grateful my husband, who spends most of his time in Africa for business, is here with me and our girls through this time that has been given to us and deep down I am hoping he stays a little longer.

This virus will go as soon as it came, but let’s make sure it leaves behind this new way of us loving one another and being grateful for being alive!

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