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Fiery Ring of Cancer

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Let me walk you, through my journey of pain,

It took a lot for me, to be this vain.

Life after cancer treatment, is not that easy,

And I” ll tell you why, without making you queasy.

A silent killer, that came one night,

Left me with a, constant battle to fight!

I held on, with all my might,

I was not ready, to dim my light.

Losing my breast- was not part of the plan,

And when I lost that hair, I was not a fan.

Chemotherapy, left a big hole inside,

“I can’t do this!” I screamed, I cried.

I held on, knowing it won’t be long,

Rang that bell, and walked out strong!

It’s all done, life will be normal,

Oh was I wrong, and oh so formal!

I realized this, is only the beginning,

I hadn't even gotten, to the h of healing.

Trying to figure out, how to live my life again,

brought unexpected turns, filled with much pain.

Depression, Anxiety, Pains, and more,

Are some of the side effects I endure

Every day, brings a new challenge,

Trying to figure out, how to balance.

The scars remind me, of what I’ve been through,

The pain in my joints, are very new.

I’ve gone from 40, to 62,

In a matter of months, what to do?

I have a new label, and it’s called Survivor

I’ve been through fire, and I’m a fighter!

Cancer messed, with the wrong girl,

Oh please! Don’t make me hurl.

I have a long, road ahead,

With a sword hanging, above my head,

Everyday, I’m thankful to be alive,

It’s not easy, but I gotta strive.

I don’t need, your sympathy,

Rather you, just be with me.

Stand by my side, and just be there,

And show me deeply, that you really care.

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