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Into 2021 We Go

What do you want out of life?

All you need is the will to strive.

Look ahead and don't turn back,

Your footsteps have left no track.

Why are you living in the past?

It's not a place that will last.

Make today your first day,

Where you get to choose your way,

on how you want to write your story,

and fill those pages with much glory.

Life doesn't come with guarantees,

Just what-if's, only's, and a few keys.

You get to choose your own path,

Fill it up with hope and not wrath.

So tomorrow when you take that dive

Be grateful that you're still alive.

This year you learned new skills,

that'll help you climb new hills.

Here's wishing 2021

is a year full of much fun,

as we put 2020 to rest,

Let's all hope & pray for the best!

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