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I am on a simple mission

To Teach You About


through Meditative  practices, that

heal you as a whole          Mind, Body & Spirit.  



I'm Priya.

An Entrepreneur & advocate for cancer survivors.
After my cancer treatments & many surgeries, I was struggling to heal, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. The biggest lesson cancer taught me was self-love. 
I decided to put that lesson into practice & give "me" the love I deserve.
Through eating the right foods,  and practicing meditation, tailored for me, I was able to begin my journey to healing fully mind, body & spirit.

ZenYa - Zen by Priya was started by me to teach you how to feel your best self through Meditation. Whether you've just been through cancer treatments, or just wanting some self-love, this is for you!

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Recognised as one of "The Amazing Women of Chandler" 2019.

    Chandler             Lifestyle              Magazine

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Phoenix Inspiring Stories and Upcoming Stars
 VoyagePhoenix        Magazine

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About My Family 
Read our story on page 8

Ocotillo Living           Magazine


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Spirituality through cancer

     Sip and Listen Podcasts

What going through cancer taught me
 CanInspire India Podcast

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Cancer Survivor Stories 

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Finding Love in unexpected ways.
    Love Meets Life

Read my chapter on "How to survive as a brick & mortar business in the age of digital

The Growth Hacking Book 1

A 2nd Act

Watch me tell my Cancer Story!

Conquer Magazine

Emotional Rollercoaster of Cancer!


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Contributor at Thrive Global

Giving Back With LOVE

If I can make a difference in just one persons' life I will consider myself lucky and blessed. Life is all about passing on the lessons you've learned to others and I find great pleasure doing that through giving back to the community.

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